Adoption Blog Post You Should Read

I wanted to link to a blog post from an adoptive mother that highlights what adoption can really be like behind closed doors, The Ugly Side of Adoption. Christians struggle sometimes with how they behave “in church” and what life is really like at home. People want to hear about the beauty of adoption and would be dismayed to hear of the pain. Yet, we should not be afraid to speak of the pain. A lot of these kids have been traumatized, some worse than others, and that is very real. I liken it to the post-traumatic stress that some veterans have. I read an article a few years ago from the point of view of the wife of a veteran, describing some of what her husband was going through, and I immediately thought of some adopted children, and some foster children, who are going through the same thing.

Adoption is beautiful. It is of God. But, this isn’t Little House on the Prairie, and many adoptive families are struggling. I’d like it if in our churches we could be up front about the struggles as well as the beauty.

So, my linking to this blog is not to complain about adoption, because I am pro-adoption. I link to this blog post because the writer explains her situation well and it gives other adoptive parents assurance that they are not alone in struggling.

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